4 Best Herbal Remedies for Herpes in Your Kitchen

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natural remedy for herpes

Herbal remedies for herpes, are they available around? Herpes is a kind of skin problem usually treated with antiviral drugs. Besides, some doctors and medical experts also commonly suggest other medications, such as painkillers. Those herpes drugs are available in the form of tablets or ointments. If you consume or apply them regularly, those medications are useful to stop the infection as well as relieving itching and soreness on the skin.

But more than that, the antiviral treatment of herpes will be better if combined with natural remedies. It fastens the healing process and reduces side effects. Some traditional ingredients in your kitchen and grocery can be processed to help treat herpes virus infections. So, what are they?


Honey contains anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve infections caused by the herpes virus.¬† Besides, the content of propolis in honey works by moisturizing dry skin caused by the infection. You can just apply the honey directly yet carefully to the area with herpes. It doesn’t matter if the wounded area is wet or dry. You can do it twice a day for a better result. Sure, to be safer, make sure you consult your doctor beforehand.

How can honey be very effective to relieve herpes? Based on research and some studies, honey consists of substances that can stop and avoid the inflammation process in your body. It is even effective for unbeatable virus types like the Varicella zoster virus.

Aloe vera

natural remedy for herpesAloe vera is cool and calming when it is applied to the wound or skin with problems. Yes, it is also believed to have many benefits for skin health like moisturizing and firming skin. Sure, you can also use it for the recovery of various skin diseases including herpes. So, how to use it? You can just smear it on the herpes wound.

As a kind of natural remedy for herpes, aloe vera soothes the area of skin that is inflamed because of infection. You can use it in the form of gel without you must dissolve it first. Apply it twice a day after washing and cleaning the area. It is okay to do this treatment along with consuming drugs from the doctor.


Oatmeal is known to have a large amount of protein content as well as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This home remedy also works as an emollient to improve skin moisture, especially on dry skin.

When the skin is infected, the skin is easier to lose its moisture and fairness. Therefore, it is more difficult to recover. The same thing happens to skin with herpes. Oatmeal can simply moisturize parts of the skin infected and fasten the process of recovery.

Tea tree

Lastly, we also have a tea tree. This natural ingredient has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties  However, it cannot be applied directly to your skin with herpes. For the safest use of this ingredient, the tea tree needs to be chemically dissolved first.

It is because the tea tree that is applied directly to the skin is at risk of irritating. Another option is by using lotion products that contain tea trees. Make sure also to use it based on the recommended dosage since too much tea tree extract can cause dry skin.

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