4 Herbal Remedies for Gout to Try at Home

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herbal remedies for gout

Herbal remedies for gout, what are they? It seems that almost all of you are familiar with a kind of disease namely gout. It often occurs in the elderly although some youngsters may appear also.  Gout disease is characterized by pain and soreness in some parts of the body. The most common ones are in the areas of hands, feet, and waist. Gout occurs from the accumulation of uric acid crystals that clump in joints. Those crystals pierce joints and it causes pain in those areas.

Of course, you should not ignore this disease and must put effort to make it better immediately. Yes, if gout is in your body for a long time, it can cause complications. Some complications generated from gout are kidney stones, joint paralysis, and more. As solutions, you can try some herbal remedies below especially if you want to avoid consuming drugs.


Ginger is well-known for having many merits for your body. Despite using it to warm yourself up, you can use it to relieve gout. First of all, prepare 2 or 3 pieces of gingers that have been cleaned and washed. Next, crush them and boil the mash with enough water. After the water has been reduced by half, you can just lift, strain, and pour it into a glass. The ginger herbal is ready to drink. You can do it around twice a day.

Castor oil

In the past, castor oil was widely used for the fuel of some vehicles. But more than that, it can be effective remedies for some diseases. Generally, castor oil brings some good effects to your body. They are the warming effect, inflammation relief, and swelling deflating. If you have pain in some areas caused by gout, treat it by applying castor oil. Next, massage slowly and gently. Only in some minutes, the pain can gradually disappear.


next remedy to solve the goutThe next remedy to solve the gout problem is a bunch of cloves. This method is not so much different from castor oil.  So, you don’t consume them but you can use the cloves by wrapping the painful area affected by gout with them. The method is quite simple, you just mash or pulverize cloves. It is okay to have another type of remedy with it like ginger. Then, wrap the mashed cloves around the painful part. To make the cloves be attached to your skin for a longer time, you can wrap the painful part and cloves with a bandage.

Apple or Apple Vinegar

If talking about what fruits are the best for medication, it seems that the apple is one of them. You can use it to relieve gout also and it works. The malic acid in apples can reduce the amount of uric acid in the body. You can simply eat an apple every day. However, don’t consume it too much because it can cause hyperuricemia that may worsen gout. Sure, you can also enjoy other benefits of apples since it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. You can also add apple vinegar to your foods as herbal remedies for gout.

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