5 Herbal Remedies for Erectile dysfunction

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Remedies for Erectile dysfunction

Are you looking for herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction? In this article, we are going to show you a list of natural ingredients you can use to treat the condition. Besides, we also summarized the benefits of each ingredient.

#1 Rhodiola Rosea

According to a study, Rhodiola Rosea helped overcome impotence. Taking 200mg of Rhodiola Rosea a day for three months can improve sexual function.

This ingredient also enhances energy and reduces fatigue. Of course, more studies are required to ensure safety and understand action. Still, Rhodiola Rosea is worth considering.

#2 Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng is an ingredient that we commonly refer to as Viagra. It comes with solid research about the correlation between Panax ginseng and erectile dysfunction.

Research suggested that taking red ginseng daily in the right amount of dosage treats ED effectively. Panax ginseng contains ginsenosides that improve erection from the cellular level.

Those with high lipids in their blood will get the most effective result from Panax ginseng. Besides, this herb comes with an anti-inflammatory action that improves blood flow and lung function. Excellent blood flow and lung function help reduce ED.

#3 L-arginine

The next name on the list of herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction is L-arginine.

This herb is a type of amino acid found naturally in your body. The amino acid produces nitric oxide that releases tensions in blood vessels. The result is a successful erection for healthier sexual functioning.

Another study showed that combining L-arginine with Pycnogenol is effective to restore the sexual ability to 80 percent. L-arginine also tolerates other medications well.


DHEA or dehydroepiandrosterone is a natural hormone made by adrenal glands. The hormone later will convert into both testosterone and estrogen in the body. Experts make supplements from soy and wild yam to boost the production of DHEA.

According to a study, men with ED tend to have a low level of DHEA. After going through a DHEA treatment for a certain period, men who took the supplement could achieve and maintain an erection more than those who didn’t.

Remedies for Erectile dysfunctionRecently, DHEA is considered as another option to treat ED in those with concurrent diabetes. Diabetics tend to get through ED due to hormonal issues and blood flow interventions.

#5 Yohimbe

Yohimbe is a supplement extracted from the African Yohimbe tree. According to studies, the Yohimbe supplement provided positive results on sexual performance to those who took it. However, the evidence is still lacking

The American Urological Association, for instance, doesn’t recommend a Yohimbe supplement for treating ED. It comes with side effects that may majorly damage health, such as tremors, irritability, increased heart rate, and higher blood pressure.

Even if you are going to take this supplement, be sure to talk with your doctor first.

Other considerations

Zinc supplements are suggested to support ED treatment, especially for those who are low in zinc. Ginkgo biloba and Indian ginseng may also boost ED treatment.

Still, more studies are required to know further about the herbs. More than anything, you need to talk to your physician before taking herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction.

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