6 Best Home Remedy for Poison Ivy to Try

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Poison ivy is a disease for many people. It causes the condition of contact dermatitis with the sign of itch sensation and rash. Contract to urushiol becomes a factor causing dermatitis ivy. The oil is found on the poison ivy plants. Though some people are not sensitive to this oil, 85 percent of people will suffer a rash when they get close to the poison ivy. It has some best home remedy for poison ivy to use.

What Is Poison Ivy? 

Best Home Remedy for Poison IvyPoison ivy is a condition where your skin gets an allergic reaction caused by a resin substance called urushiol on the leaves, branch, and Ivy roots. The Ivy is a kind of plant-like bush causing serious irritation on the skin. The skin can be dried, red, or burning. If the plant is burned, the smoke of burning can influence your lungs condition.

How General Is Poison Ivy Like? 

Someone getting the poison from leaves and artistic sufferers has the risks of suffering poison ivy. The possibility of this disease can be reduced if you prevent the risk factors of attacking poison ivy. You should always consult the doctor for further information about this disease.

The Symptoms of Poison Ivy 

If you have an allergy to poison ivy, the most general symptom is rash and irritation. The symptoms usually last for some days or even weeks. The side symptoms of this disease are itchy and light pain. Furthermore, you will breathe difficulty if you inhale air from the burned ivy plant. Those are only a few general symptoms of poison ivy. You can make the best home remedy for poison ivy to cure and recover it.

When Do You Check to a Doctor? 

When you face those symptoms, it is time to check your condition with a doctor. When do you do a checkup with a doctor? You should contact a doctor if you find the following symptoms.

  • Skin rash spreads to areas of the eyes, mouth, and genital.
  • Swallow skin
  • Acne purulent
  • High fever over 38 degrees Celsius.

The Causes of Poison Ivy

A contact with every part of the Ivy plants or oil can cause allergy. Direct contact can include touching the tree directly or touching something on the Ivy tree resin. The resin also attaches to the clothes, fur, and other items being a potential spot of toxicity or poison for a longer time. It can cause itchiness.

Best Home Remedy for Poison Ivy 

Poison ivy is finally recovering. The itch related to rash can’t be handled easily. Even, it impacts your sleeping quality. You can recover it with some best home remedy for poison ivy.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can remove the urushiol oil from the skin. It is also helping you to minimize discomfort. The people must do it quickly after doing a contact to poison ivy, especially in the 10 first minutes after getting exposed. If you are climbing or camping, it is better to always bring alcoholic tissue.

  1. Oatmeal Bathing

Oatmeal has antioxidant features and anti-inflammation beneficial to some irritating skin conditions. You can add oatmeal or oatmeal ingredients in warm water. It becomes a simple home remedy for poison ivy. You can soak into a bathtub for 30 minutes to reduce the symptoms of poison ivy.

  1. Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is a natural clay type getting popular to use in some beauty products and personal treatments. Some people report using the aid of poison ivy rash after applying the paste of bentonite clay and water to the irritated area. A study shows that using a modified version of the bentonite clay is effectively preventing and reducing dermatitis condition and natural contact of poison ivy and poison oak.

  1. Cake Soda

It is also called to be natrium bicarbonate. Cake soda is salt especially used for baking and making a cake. However, it is often used to be a natural cleaner substance and a home remedy for some diseases. You can add a cup of cake soda into a bathtub. It is recommended to relieve the rash and irritation of poison ivy. You can take a bath in water mixed with cake soda.

  1. Topical Lotion and Cream

Some kinds of lotion can help you to reduce poison ivy rash symptoms without a doctor prescription. The hydrocortisone cream and calamine lotion become the example of products to reduce itch and swallow condition. FDA suggests taking a product containing zinc acetate, zinc oxide, and zinc carbonate recovering the irritation of poison ivy. The sufferers must apply the products based on the directions of the label. You can take aloe vera gel taken from aloe vera. It is a home remedy for poison ivy. It is famous for being a calm topical ivy home remedy.

  1. Oral Antihistamine

An oral antihistamine will reduce the seriousness of allergic reaction so that it reduces rash and itch. Benadryl is one of the examples helping you to sleep soundly though you get affected by this poison ivy. It is not recommended to apply antihistamine cream on the rash and irritation because it can make the itch more serious.

Besides taking those best home remedy for poison ivy, you can wipe the irritated area with a cool water compress. It is beneficial to reduce the pain and irritation due to poison ivy. You can also take some available drugs for curing the poison ivy. You may take steroid drugs such as prednisone that can be recommended by a doctor to reduce itch and irritation.

Steroid medicine is available in some forms including cream, gel, injection, tablets, and lotions. You can select it based on the needs. Antibiotic is sometimes needed if the infection is developing because you scratch your skin or more serious skin wound level.

Those are some recommendations of the best home remedy for poison ivy. You can select the best home remedy if you suffer irritation from poison ivy. You can make this home remedy at home easily because the ingredient is easily taken from the surrounding.

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