Best Natural Remedies for UTI During Pregnancy

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UTI or Urinary Tract Infection is a kind infection caused by a situation when bacteria from outside storms inside a woman’s urethra or the urinary tract. Because of the female anatomy, it is easier for women to get UTIs than men because the urinary tract and the vagina are close, which makes the bacteria easier to go in. Women during pregnancy commonly experience this UTI because the growing womb is likely to pressure the urethra and the urinary tract. Here are some tips you can do when you experience UTI during pregnancy. We are only going to present the best natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy.

Drink Water

UTI During PregnancyThis is one of the simplest ways of natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy since drinking water is very important, this activity also can help to prevent or cure Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The more you drink water, you will urinate more which helps to clean out the bacteria inside the urinary tract. Make sure that you drink 8-10 glasses per day. Besides curing UTI, this activity can also help to prevent dehydration.

Practice These Hygiene Bathroom Habits

These are also some simple ways of natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy but people often forget the importance of these habits. People shouldn’t hold their pee whenever they want to urinate. People should urinate immediately. Especially pregnant women shouldn’t hold their pee and should urinate completely until nothing is left. This can help to throw out the bacteria that live inside the urinary tract so that they can not breed its species and infect the urinary tract.

Also, make sure to pee before and after sexual intercourse to obscure the bacteria that migrate to one another. This is very important to prevent UTI.

After that, after using the toilet be sure to wipe or clean from front to the back rather than back to the front, because if you wipe or clean from the back to the front it can transfer the bacteria to your urinary tract and making It worse because the bacteria can spread out.

Consume More Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a prominent part in keeping the human’s immune system and attacking the infection. Some fruit contains vitamin C like lemon, orange, and tomato. It’s better if you consume this regularly when you get a UTI or if you want to prevent yourself from getting a UTI.

Avoid Caffeine and Carbonated Drinks

If you previously love to drink coffees, or sodas, when you’re pregnant, consuming those must be avoided to cure or prevent UTI. These may excoriate your urethra and continue excessive urination. You can change this habit by consuming drinks that are healthy like juices with fruits that you like (it’s better if that fruit contains vitamin C) and make a new habit during pregnancy. This is also one of the natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy.

Drink Cranberry Juice

Cranberries have many benefits in curing Urinary Tract infections, cranberries can prevent the e.coli bacteria from sticking into the bladder. Cranberries contain a type of sugar known as D-Mannose that has already been shown to prevent Urinary Tract Infections from recurrence. Cranberry juice also prevents the infection caused by the disease. Besides drinking cranberry juice, you can also directly consume cranberry fruits, there are dried cranberries that are sold in the market. Another option is that you can also consume cranberry supplements. Whatever you decide. But there is one thing that you need to be careful of while consuming cranberries, you can’t take this way of natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy if you’re at the same time also consuming aspirin or any type of blood thinners.

Consume Garlic

Some studies show that garlic has an antimicrobial that can stop the growth of bacteria. This is very helpful in curing Urinary Tract infections. Garlic is also one of the natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy that is easy to be found and commonly consumed in foods. You can just consume the extract of the garlic or have them in your food as the primary ingredients so that you can have the maximum benefit of them.

Consume Probiotic

UTI During PregnancyProbiotics can be found in fermented food and beverage like yogurt, or kombucha. Consuming this, can enhance the immune system and also balance the bad and good bacteria in the gut. Consuming probiotics can help to cure the UTis Probiotics are available in supplement and also foods. You can consume it alone or combine it with consuming antibiotics. However, if you want to apply the natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy, you can just consume them alone and it can be helpful enough to cure this infection.

Wear Only Cotton Underwear

This may be very simple, but highly important to reduce the Urinary Tract Infection to get worse. Cotton underwear is likely comfortable, soft, light, and wispy toward the vagina. This can spare your vagina to breathe, and also can help to absorb the sweat from it. Then the humidity level will not get very high and prevent other infections rather than UTI like fungi infection.

Try to avoid wearing underwear with synthetic materials like polyester and nylon. This material can make the vagina get warm and increase the risk of infection and fungi appearing.

Another thing to be considered is to make sure that your underwear is not too tight. Choose one that fits perfectly, not too loose, and not too tight. Besides making the bacteria easier to stick to the urinary tract, it can also irritate and redden your skin.

Those are some very simple, and easy to apply natural remedies for UTI during pregnancy. Because when a pregnant woman experiences UTI during pregnancy it can increase the level of pain and discomfort. It is better to cure it immediately and these ways are also beneficial to prevent UTIs. If applying these steps doesn’t help to cure the UTI, you might have to go to the hospital and consult with your doctor.

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