Herbal Remedies for Flu That Easy to Find in the Kitchen

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Suffering from the flu is uncomfortable. Imagine that you have to suffer from fever, chills, body aches, and nasal congestion at the same time. In the next phase, you often find it hard to breathe, and it disturbs your sleeping. The good thing is that there are several popular herbal remedies for flu you can use. Most of the home remedies below are easy to find and make.


Honey is one of the most popular ingredients with a lot of health benefits. It is because this ingredient has a variety of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Raw honey is the best option to fight against a lot of diseases, including flu. You can directly consume this ingredient or mix it in tea and lemon. This mixture is effective enough to ease sore throat pain. You only need about 10 grams of honey to overcome the flu. Consume it at bedtime to reduce the symptoms. As a result, you can sleep tight at night.


Garlic is also a common ingredient you can find in the kitchen. It is used in most foods. The good thing is that the allicin compound can treat your flu well. This compound contains antimicrobial properties that reduce cold symptoms. Some garlic supplements are available in the market. You can consume it regularly to keep your immune system strong. As a result, you don’t get easily sick.


Herbal Remedies for FluOrange seems to be an ordinary fruit, but it contains compounds that your body needs to fight against the flu. Indeed, it is one of the easiest herbal remedies for flu you can try. You can find this fruit in all markets. One of the reasons why it is powerful enough for treating flu is because of the vitamin C. People who are suffering from flu often have a low vitamin C level in their bodies. Increase the level of vitamin C back to normal by consuming orange. You can consume this fruit fresh or mix it with a cup of hot tea. Make the mixture more powerful by adding honey. Due to the health benefits, don’t forget to add orange to your diet plan.

Chicken Soup 

Chicken soup is the first treatment to overcome flu or fever. A bowl of soup contains essential compounds. Make sure that you add vegetables and herbs to the soup. The essential compounds in the soup can slow the movement of certain white blood cells known as neutrophils. The slower the neutrophils move, the more focused neutrophils to heal your body. Eating a bowl of low-sodium soup will give your body enough nutrition and keep you hydrated.


Ginger is also a fast solution to reduce flu symptoms. You only have to take a few slices of fresh ginger root. Put them in boiling water and let it for 5 minutes. Drink the mixture when it is warm. You can add 1 tablespoon of honey if you like it. 1 gram of fresh ginger can reduce cough, sore throat, nausea, and influenza. It can be one of the recommended herbal remedies for flu you can try at home.

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