Herbal Remedies for Haemorrhoids Information

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specifically made for haemorrhoids

When you are having a problem with haemorrhoids, you really should know what a haemorrhoid is. This is the condition of swollen anus veins and it is also called piles. The symptoms that people usually feel are rectal bleeding, pain, and itching at the same time. The swollen vein will be growing bigger whether it is outside or inside the rectum and anus.

These two conditions are known as external and internal haemorrhoids. Usually, around 75% of Americans are sharing the same experience with haemorrhoid problems. Since this is a common condition, most people need to realize the best herbal remedies for haemorrhoids.

Take a Look at the Haemorrhoids Herbal Remedies

There are several types of herbal remedies for haemorrhoids that people need to know. The first one is witch hazel. This is a good choice for home treatment since this ingredient is good to minimize the pain and itchiness due to haemorrhoids. This witch hazel also consists of a substance that has the main function as anti-inflammatory, and therefore the daily usage of witch hazel will surely minimize the swollen area. It is always recommended for you to have the liquid witch hazel, so you can rub it around the swollen area for daily usage.

The second choice of herbal remedies for haemorrhoids is a gel of Aloe Vera. The natural gel of Aloe Vera is always effective for giving the best treatment around the swollen area due to the substance which has the main function as an anti-inflammatory and it will surely be good for your skin to give the soothing and calming effect especially for the swollen area. You may always use the gel which is specifically made for haemorrhoids and you may purchase it in the drugstore. Notice that for some people who are having an allergic reaction to onions or garlic it is not recommended to use it.

specifically made for haemorrhoidsMore Information about Home Remedies for Haemorrhoid

There are some other good treatments that you can apply at home to ensure that you may always feel better though you are having a problem with haemorrhoids. You can always have a nice and relaxing bath time by having a body bath with warm water or having warm baths to cover the swollen area.

Do you know that when you are having a warm bath regularly, it may give a positive effect on the movement of your bowel? You can also add the salts of Epsom when you want to have a warm bath. So, having a warm bath for around 20 minutes every day will help to give a comfortable and good sensation, also minimizing the pain.

Applying the ointments specifically made for haemorrhoids is also another kind of good home remedy. The ointment has a soothing and calm function which you may rub around the swollen haemorrhoid area and it also helps to give a good relief feeling and reduce the problem of swelling. When you use it regularly, it may surely give you the healing effect. So, you have to try on these herbal remedies for haemorrhoids at home.

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