Herbal Remedies for Snoring

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herbal remedies for snoring

If you snore while you sleep, it surely will annoy your partner, but snoring is also one of the signs of ill health. Snoring is caused by a few reasons. If you are the lenient snorer and you do not snore every night, then it may not be a problem. But sometimes, people snore heavily, including extended breathing stoppages and this one is a serious condition when you need immediate medical help. These few herbal remedies for snoring might help you to overcome this disturbing sound.

Bring In Your Humidifier 

herbal remedies for snoringThe dry air in your room might contribute to your snoring habit. These herbal remedies for snoring or getting a humidifier might help to cast your snoring away. Besides curing snores, getting a humidifier can also cure your congestion. When you have congestion it has an effect of vacuum in your throat resulting in the tougher and noisier activity of exhaling and inhaling. The moisture produced by the humidifier reduces the congestion, opening the way for the air and making it easier for you to breathe. Choose your favorite smell of the oil to also improve your sleeping quality.

Consume Ginger 

This is the second of the herbal remedies for snoring and yes, it uses ginger. You can easily find ginger in your kitchen because ginger is usually consumed as herbal medicines and it can also cure snoring. Ginger takes a role as an anti-inflammatory and also the agent of antibacterial which increases the saliva secretion, then it calms the throat and makes a relief in snoring. You can consume this while brewing it in hot water or mix it with hot tea. It can calm you up and also cure snoring.

Try Peppermint Products 

There are so many peppermint products sold in the market such as peppermint oil, or mouthwash containing peppermint. Besides giving a good smell, it can also cure light snoring. By dabbing a small amount of peppermint oil under your nose it can open up the nasal passages. But if you want to cure snoring while you are pregnant or applying this way to your children with age below two years old, using peppermint should be avoided. Because there is not enough evidence to prove its effectiveness.

Consume Soy Milk 

If you previously drank cow milk as your habit, you might have to change this habit by consuming soy milk instead. Consuming soy milk has a contribution to curing snores. If you consume cow milk, the protein contained in it can cause light until severe allergic response which contributes to congestion because it closes the nasal passages resulting in loud snoring. Try to consume soy milk instead to relieve snores.

Sip Some Spoon of Olive Oil 

You can apply this step of herbal remedies for snoring. Try to sip some teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil before sleep. It smooths up the breathing tract and also prevents the throat muscles from shackling the throat during your sleep.

Those are some of the herbal remedies for snoring that are very simple and easy to apply. Hope that your snore goes away by applying these steps.

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