Home Remedies for Haemorrhoids During Pregnancy

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The condition of hemorrhoids that some people may experience is always hurt since it is about the condition of blood vessels that are swollen. The specific location of the hemorrhoid is around the lower part of the rectum and anus. Men are having a higher possibility to get hemorrhoids, but pregnant women are also having the same possibility of having an experience because of hemorrhoids.

Certain actions can be a good suggestion for women who are experiencing hemorrhoids. These are some of the suggested actions which may become a good solution if they feel so hurt and uncomfortable because of hemorrhoids. Considering doing some home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy will always make you feel better.

Some Light Treatments of Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy

Haemorrhoids During PregnancyDuring pregnancy, the case of having a bad experience because of hemorrhoids may occur. Therefore, you need to consider making an appointment with your doctor, so they may observe your condition and give the best medical treatment according to the current situation that you are in. Do not forget to do more actions of home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy, to reduce the pain and get better soon.

The first thing that you need to do is by having a good home remedy for warm water treatment. You just need to pour the warm water into your tub and soak the swollen area. Make sure that the warm water is free from bubble bath and soap.

Second, you just have to make sure that you reduce your sitting time. You cannot just sit and stay for a long time, since the sitting position may affect the condition of your blood vessels around your rectum and anus. This is the position that may give more pressure to the affected area of the hemorrhoid. It is always suggested that you get the hemorrhoid pillow if you want to sit, or you may lay down or stand up. By the way, the choices of a hemorrhoid pillow may vary just like a doughnut cushion shape or the choice of ring cushion.

The third home remedy which is suggested for you is to get the medicated pads that contain witch hazel. You may put the medical pad around the area of your anal. Do not forget to get help from your doctor to get the best recommendation of rectal suppository or the specific kind of cream for hemorrhoids. The effect of cooling from witch hazel may surely reduce the pain and it may help to make the swollen area calmer. Do not forget to make sure that you are free from the problem of constipation since this is the biggest problem related to hemorrhoids. You need to try the home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy for making you feel better.

Several Home Remedies to Solve the Problem of Constipation

The main cause of hemorrhoids itself is continual constipation. Therefore, you have to be more concerned in your daily menu to make sure that you can reduce the problem of constipation which may lead to the problem of hemorrhoids. What you need to do is to make sure that you are having enough consumption of fiber in your daily menu. Make sure that you are consuming enough vegetables and fruits for your daily meal.

When you are having medical consultation with your doctor, you may also need to get the information regarding the best choice of supplement that contains high fiber and it is suitable for pregnant women. This is the supplement that you may need to consume when you are still pregnant. You may also need more suggestions to get the best choice of stool softener which you may need to take and make sure that it is safe for your pregnancy.

Do not forget that you have to stay hydrated, therefore you have to drink a lot of fluids. To get a healthy lifestyle during your pregnancy, you should need to insert physical activity and light physical exercise which is suitable for pregnant women during your pregnancy.

Treat Your Hemorrhoid with More Home Remedies

Haemorrhoids During PregnancyCommonly, hemorrhoids are becoming a problem for pregnant women when they are already in the trimester. It may probably happen during the 28th week of pregnancy, and it is about how the flow of the blood vessel is increasing since it gets the constant pressure from the uterus which may enlarge, and the baby is growing as well. This is what happens when the anus area is swelling, and even hemorrhoids may also happen after mom is delivering the baby because of the pushing movement which may happen when the baby is born.

A good suggestion of home remedies for hemorrhoids during pregnancy which you may need to try is by putting the sachet of ice packs around the swollen area. Do not forget to try applying baking soda as a topical treatment especially when you are having a problem of itching around the area which is affected by hemorrhoids.

You also have to make sure that you are putting on the coconut oil which may reduce the problem of inflammation and pain at the same time. Not only coconut oil but also aloe Vera can also become another good option for you to reduce the pain around the swollen area. Make sure that you are putting the pure coconut oil without any arnica or any fragrance.

How to Handle Hemorrhoid 

Acupuncture is also another home remedy that you may always need to try to make sure that you can feel better. The continual acupuncture treatment may bring a good result for you to reduce the problem of hemorrhoids. You need to make sure that you avoid the usage of scented toilet tissue which may irritate your anus area. So, the usage of unscented, clean, and soft tissue is strongly suggested.

When you feel that your hemorrhoid problem is getting worse, it is always best for you to go and get medical help. But you also need to continue the home remedies as well to take care of your swollen area, and do not forget to eat healthy food to avoid the problem of constipation.

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