Natural Remedies for Acid Reflux in Pregnancy

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natural remedies for acid reflux disease

Acid reflux can rise into the esophagus because the valve between the esophagus and stomach gets weak or damaged. This condition is called GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease. Quite many people have suffered acid reflux, including pregnant women. When they suffer from this illness, they will feel pain in their stomach and chest when the acid from the stomach gets into the esophagus. This condition surely makes the patients feel uncomfortable and painful.

When you suffer from acid reflux, you can experience several symptoms, such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, losing appetite, difficulty to swallow, and your mouth feels sour or bitter. Pregnant women who suffer from this illness usually experience heartburn. Since pregnant women are not supposed to consume medical drugs because they will affect the baby, fortunately, there are natural remedies for acid reflux in pregnancy that can help to treat the illness in pregnant women. Here they are.

Chamomile Tea

natural remedies for acid reflux diseaseSome of you probably often drink a cup of warm chamomile tea to make you easily fall asleep. You can also drink chamomile tea to relieve nausea, vomiting, and pain in your stomach and epigastric due to acid reflux. It can be a natural and effective way to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux. Pregnant women can drink chamomile tea whenever they feel nausea due to pregnancy as well. You can drink it every morning and every night before bed.


The next one of natural remedies for acid reflux in pregnancy is ginger. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can naturally overcome the pain in the epigastrium. Moreover, this natural ingredient can also treat other digestive problems, such as bloating and nausea. In order to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, you can add ginger to your warm tea. Crush it first then add it to your tea. Or, you can also consume instant ginger tea available in markets. Another alternative is boiling ginger. Once it is boiled, add honey, then drink the water.


Pregnant women who suffer from heartburn due to acid reflux can consume licorice to relieve the pain. It is because licorice contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties so that it can reduce swelling, inflammation, as well as sores in the stomach and esophagus due to increased stomach acid. Just like ginger, you can add licorice to a cup of warm tea, or boil it and add honey, then drink the water to relieve the heartburn.


It is believed that consuming bananas can neutralize gastric acid in your digestive system. By consuming bananas, you can reduce the burning sensation you feel in your digestive tract. You can directly eat fresh bananas or add it to your menu. For example, you can add fresh bananas to your pancakes or fruit salad. But it is highly recommended to eat bananas along with milk to optimally handle acid reflux. It is because milk is very beneficial to calm the stomach.


Another fruit that you can consume to care for acid reflux in pregnancy is papayas. This fruit contains so many nutrients that are useful for keeping your health. Papain contained in papayas is able to decrease the production of gastric acid so that the uncomfortable feeling you feel in your stomach can be relieved, or at least reduced. Just like bananas, you can directly consume fresh papayas or add it to your menu.

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow roots contain so many substances that can relieve coughing, handle bacterial infections, and heal sores in the stomach and esophagus. This plant is also believed to be able to protect gastric walls so that they will not easily get wounded when they are exposed to gastric acid. Not only acid reflux, you can also use marshmallow roots to care for constipation, diarrhea, inflammation, as well as pain and swelling in the respiratory tract.

Limiting the Consumption of Carbohydrate

Though it needs further research, limiting the intake of carbohydrate is quite effective to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux. Consuming excessive carbohydrates sometimes makes the body unable to digest it properly. This condition causes bacterial overgrowth and increases pressure on the stomach.

Healthy Dietary Habit

You are suggested to consume foods that are rich in fibers. Compared to low-fiber foods, you will feel full faster if you eat high-fiber foods. So, try to add foods that contain a lot of fibers in your menu. For example, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables. You can take supplements to increase your fiber intake, but doctors usually recommend that you meet your fiber needs, especially from food.

Avoid Certain Foods

natural remedies for acid reflux diseaseSome foods can stimulate gastric acid. Certain foods that are bad for others may not necessarily be problematic for you, but some foods tend to stimulate stomach acid. So, avoid or reduce your consumption of these foods and then observe whether your stomach is getting better or not. You are suggested to limit your intake of fat because fat tends to worsen GERD. Apply a low-fat diet to normalize gastric acid secretion.

If you drink milk, it will be better if you opt for low-fat milk. Moreover, use only a small amount of oil, butter, or butter when cooking food. You also need to avoid consuming spicy and sour foods. These foods are the main cause of GERD. If the symptoms get worse after eating spicy or sour food, do not eat it again in order to avoid the illness from relapsing.

Avoid Certain Beverages

Soda and coffee are not recommended for pregnant women, especially pregnant women with acid reflux. Gastric acid will be pushed into the esophagus if you drink carbonated drinks while eating. So, replace the drink with water. Water is the best option. On the other hand, the degree of acidity of coffee is very high so that it can worsen GERD and acid reflux. If you drink coffee regularly, reduce it little by little to lower the concentration of gastric acid.

Those are the natural remedies that you can use to care for acid reflux in pregnancy. Consult the doctor to find the right treatment and medication.


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