Natural Ways to Care for Ear Infection

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overcoming the ear infection

Ear infection happens when there are bacteria or viruses infect the middle part of the ears. Besides bacteria and viruses, there are also other factors that can cause ear infections, such as injuries, wounds, food allergies, and genetic disorders. Such an infection can be painful because of inflammation and liquid accumulation. Doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. However, you are not suggested to consume antibiotics for a long time. So, you can try these herbal remedies for ear infection below to treat it.

Tea Tree Oil

overcoming the ear infectionThe first is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has a powerful antibacterial property, making it a great herbal remedy for ear infection. If you want to use this oil to care for ear infection, mix 3 drops to 4 drops of tea tree oil with a tablespoon of olive oil, then warm it up. By using a pipette, drop the oil into your ear, then wait for around a minute. After that, turn your ear to get the oil out of your ear.

Olive Oil

One of the main causes of ear infection is there are bacteria and fungus in the ear wax, which causes a blockage in the ear canal. You can easily handle this condition by simply using olive oil. Heat up some drops of olive oil. Then, put it into your infected ear. Olive oil will soften the ear wax. Remove the infected ear wax with a cotton bud. Make sure you do it carefully.


Garlic has so many benefits for health, one of them is overcoming the ear infection. It is because garlic has natural painkiller properties as well as antimicrobial properties, making it one of the best natural remedies for healing ear infection. In order to use it, boil 3 cloves to 4 cloves of garlic for 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Then, add salt and crushed cloves. Place this mixture in a clean cloth and put it in your infected ear.

Apple Vinegar

The next natural way to treat ear infection is by using apple vinegar. Apple vinegar works as a natural remedy for ear infection due to fungus. Mix some drops of apple vinegar with alcohol or water. Soak cotton balls in this mixture, then put the cotton ball into your infected ear. Leave it for around 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Turn your ears to remove the liquid from your ear.


Besides making food smells yummy, you can also use basils to care for mild ear infection and relieve the pain due to the infection. You just need to crush 4 to 5 basil leaves and place it around your infected ear. Wait for 5 minutes to 7 minutes before removing it.

Those are the natural ingredients that you can use as herbal remedies to treat ear infection. If the ear infection you have is quite severe, you surely need professional, medical treatment. Make an appointment with a doctor to get the right, best medicines and treatment to heal the ear infection.

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