The Herbal Remedies for Cold Sores to Try at Home

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options of herbal remedies for cold sores

The discomfort of cold sores will not be around anymore with some herbal remedies for cold sores. They are painful and annoying that affects everything else. This condition that people often call fever blisters is unfortunately contagious. The fundamental cause of this thing is the so-called herpes simplex virus. It is unique that most people with the virus never show symptoms at all. That will not be problematic than those who are experiencing terrible effects. There are prescription medications to deal with this condition for sure. Nevertheless, it is a good thing to know some natural ways of doing so.

Lemon Balm, Salt, and Aloe Vera

It is a good thing to know that there are many options of herbal remedies for cold sores. More importantly, the materials for the treatment are not hard to come by. Lemon balm is a popular choice of people when managing the effects of cold sores. It is widely known for its antiviral properties that could handle many things. Applying a compress of lemon balm tea for several minutes will reduce the pain. It is okay to do this a few times a day for the best outcome. It reduces swelling and inflammation to fasten the recovery.

options of herbal remedies for cold soresThe reason for salt to be one of the herbal remedies for cold sores is its ability to retract moisture from the affected area. It prevents the virus from thriving and produces more symptoms and effects of this issue. Unfortunately, salt can deliver a bit of pain as well to the surface of the skin. On the other hand, Aloe Vera and its soothing effect is a good alternative for this. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well to help to deal with cold sores. Applying an Aloe Vera gel will provide relief instantly.

Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil

Few kinds of oil are beneficial as herbal remedies for cold sores. Tea tree oil is one of them that comes with antiviral and antiseptic properties. It boosts the natural healing process of cold sores by drying the area. It prevents further bacterial infections that may make it worse than before. This particular kind of oil is impactful for the skin. Thus, it is best to incorporate a carrier in applying it to the area of cold sores. Direct application of it to the skin may irritate the surface of the skin.

There is peppermint oil as well for another choice to deal with cold sores naturally. Its unique property prevents the virus from doing anything at all within the affected area. It is beneficial for treating occurring infections of cold sores. It is similar to tea tree oil in terms of its characteristics. Thus, it is best to use a milder carrier when using it. Another option is to add it to a bit of water before using it as a compress. It is not hard at all to find the materials for herbal remedies for cold sores. There are even many more alternatives to consider accordingly.

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